Guide to Cost per Advice Intervention


A high percentage of applications to the Energy Redress Scheme are seeking to deliver energy advice to residents in their areas and the Redress Team are often asked how we decide if a project offers good value for money for the advice they will deliver.

The Energy Redress scheme does not place a specific value on different energy advice interventions, as we appreciate that the cost of delivering advice varies depending on issues such as the area in which you work, the vulnerability of the households being supported, the scope of the advice and the experience of the advisers.

However, due to the number of queries we get on this issue, we have put together the table below as a guide to the upper cost ranges we expect to see for different energy advice interventions. If your cost/intervention is significantly above these costs, then you should justify the reasons for this in the activities section of the application form.


Cost per home energy advice visit   Up to £250 (depending on depth of advice provided, vulnerability of client group, amount of travel involved)
 Cost per face to face appointment in an office/community venue  Up to £100 (depending on length of appointment and depth of advice)
 Cost per client reached with telephone/ e-mail advice  Up to £100 (depending on depth of advice and additional work required)


Please refer to the Scheme Guidance Document for further information on how to complete the Energy Redress Scheme application form.


You can download this information here.

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