Apply for funding

Step 1 - Register your organisation

Applicants should complete a simple online information form to check whether they are eligible to apply. Those organisations that meet the initial criteria will be notified and their details will be held by the Energy Saving Trust. When funds become available, eligible organisations will be invited to apply.

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Step 2 - Apply for funds

When funds become available, eligible organisations will be sent an application pack including guidance and details of any additional priorities applied to the funding. Once submitted, these applications will be assessed on the quality of the project proposal, the positive impact and its relevance to the fund's priorities.

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How a decision is made

Energy Saving Trust will work with a panel of independent experts to select the successful projects, based on criteria that will be shared with the application form for each fund. Successful applications will need to show that they address the scheme priorities, are credible and will have measurable positive impact.

The successful applicants will be notified by the Energy Saving Trust. If you are successful you will be required if requested to participate in promotional activity organised by the Energy Saving Trust.

If you apply for funds and are unsuccessful, you will receive a brief summary outlining why your application was unsuccessful.


Please contact our team if you have a complaint to make.

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