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Step 1 - Register your organisation

Organisations wishing to access the Energy Redress Scheme must complete a simple online information form so that Energy Saving Trust can check whether they are eligible to apply. Organisations that meet the initial criteria will be notified and will be emailed a link to create an account, through which they can apply for all subsequent rounds. 

Please note: Organisations only need to register once. In order to be considered for the forthcoming funding window, please ensure registration is completed no later than two weeks prior to the application deadline. This is to allow enough time to check your eligibility. Those who register after this time will not be considered for the current window.

Register online

Step 2 - Apply for funds

The amount of funding available through the scheme varies throughout the year and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October.

When funds become available, eligible organisations will be notified to use their online account to apply for funds. The system allows organisations to create, review, save and submit funding applications in multiple rounds. Organisations should only set up one account, which can have multiple users.

Eligible organisations will be informed if there are any additional priorities applied in each funding round and the maximum grant amount that can be requested. The minimum grant amount that can be requested is set at £20,000. This is to ensure the fund supports high quality projects that have the ability to make a real difference.

Please note that redress grants are paid quarterly in arrears, on receipt of monitoring reports.

Application Pack and Guidance

How a decision is made

Once a funding round closes, applications are carefully reviewed by our Development Officers who have knowledge and experience relevant to the application. They are scored against criteria linked to the questions on the application form and covering issues such as alignment with the fund aims, experience in the team, additionality and value for money. 

The top scoring applications are shortlisted and then reviewed by an independent panel of experts from across the UK. The panel will make the final decision on who receives grant funding.

All applicants are usually notified of the outcome of their applications 8-10 weeks following a funding round closing, depending on the number of applications recieved. Successful applicants will receive their Grant Offer Letters and unsuccessful applicants can request feedback on their application.

Organisations can reapply in the next open funding round, whether they have been successful or unsuccessful in previous rounds.

The Energy Redress Team are happy to talk through project ideas and to deal with general enquiries on the scheme. They can be contacted at: 


Please contact our team if you have any questions or complaints.

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