Application pack

Details of the fund

Round 5 of the Energy Redress scheme

You can download the full details for this round of funding here. Applications open on Monday 19th August and close at 5pm on Friday 18th October.

For applications requesting more than £500,000

Applicants requesting over £500,000 in redress funding must complete this spreadsheet  and submit it as a supporting document with their application 

Application form and application budget table

This is the format for Applications to Energy Redress. Use this to plan your final application which should be submitted online. Energy Redress Application form (.pdf)

Use this excel spreadsheet to plan your project budget which should also be submitted using the online form. Redress Budget table (.xlsx)

Guidance and supporting information

This document provides guidance on the scheme and how to prepare your application. Guidance for Applicants (.pdf)

A Feedback document has been produced following Round 1 and 2 of the scheme. This is full of useful tips to help you write the best possible application.

For more information on applying for Energy Redress funding, watch our webinar recording: How to Submit a Standout Application for the Energy Redress Scheme

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