Prioritise Me

Speakup Self Advocacy from South Yorkshire secured £78,504 in Round 2 of the Energy Redress funding for their ambitious project.

The Prioritise Me project developed a training package for people with learning disabilities or autism. The package supports people who wish to learn more about the energy market and how best to understand it.

Speakup Self Advocacy, based in South Yorkshire, is run by and for people with learning disabilities and autism. Founded in 1988, Speakup provides people with learning disabilities and autism a voice, employment opportunities and ensures they are valued in society. Speakup saw an opportunity to bring further awareness of how the energy market works to disabled and autistic consumers who did not fully comprehend it, to prevent them from falling into fuel poverty.


We are continuing to signpost people to the Priority Services Register and we have been in touch with a total of 260 organisations, groups or residential homes. All our partners are now engaged with the project and training is going well. We have also delivered some ‘keepingwarm in the winter’ sessions at Speakup.
Annie Ferguson, Speakup Self Advocacy Limited
Speak Up’s graphic designer created the ‘Prioritise Me’ house training pack to help vulnerable energy consumers begin their journey in avoiding and escaping energy poverty.

By working alongside graphic designers and university partners, they have developed ideas for accessible smart meters, easy to read bills, educational short films and awareness of the Priority Services Register, designed to assist consumers with learning disabilities to get additional free services and support from their energy supplier.


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