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Energise Barnsley

The FiT for Solar Barnsley project is an innovative way to use existing domestic solar installations, coupled with the strength of community energy, to install more solar installations on tenanted homes, to help alleviate fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions in Barnsley. In 2013 Barnsley Council funded 310 domestic solar installations. These installations, via the Feed in Tariff, have repaid the initial capital. There is still 14 years left of FiT revenue for these installations. Since 2015 Energise Barnsley, a community energy benefit society, has partnered with Barnsley Council, to deliver further domestic and commercial solar installations, raising significant capital in community finance. The tenants receiving the solar installations will receive 100% free use of the solar generation, exactly the same as the tenants in 2013.The ‘recycling’ of FiT revenues, coupled with the strength of community energy to raise additional funding for new installations, is replicable nationally, where the local authority or landlord has paid for the initial installations and achieved its’ ‘pay back’ period.

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