Evaluating solar PV with electric heating

North Devon Homes

The Evaluating solar PV with electric heating project will build the case for social landlords installing solar PV after the feed-in tariff. It will assess how solar PV can make different forms of electric heating more affordable. North Devon Homes will install 16 solar PV systems in socially rented rural homes in North Devon with existing electric heating systems. These homes will have either storage heaters, storage heaters and batteries, ASHPs or ASHPs and batteries. A further 2 homes will have a Wondrwall system fitted with solar PV, battery storage and infrared heating panels. 11 of properties will also have energy saving smart hot water cylinders fitted with solar immersion controllers. The project will build on an earlier study with ASHPs and batteries. The potential for other income/savings from the smart export guarantee, advanced smart tariffs, peer to peer trading/Energy Local Club and flexibility payments will be considered.

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