Energy Redress Impact Report 2020

Over 700 charities have registered to apply to the Energy Redress Scheme since it launched in Spring 2018. Eight funding rounds have been completed, with funds covering project costs and capital funding.

Each funding round usually contains a Small Projects funding stream for projects costing between £20,000 - £49,999, a Main Fund for larger schemes that cost over £50,000 and an Innovation funding stream. Applications are made through an online charity dashboard available to charities that are registered with us.

The charities currently registered include organisations that deliver benefits, debt and housing advice, specialist support organisations for people with disabilities or families, charities that support the elderly, energy specialist charities and environmental organisations. This includes people experiencing fuel poverty, with health issues or other circumstances that mean they are disadvantaged when it comes to meeting their energy needs.

More information is available in our 2020 Impact Report.

Impact Report 2020

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