Accessible heating controls

Northumberland County Blind Association

The project is piloting four different kinds of technology solutions into households that have a visually impaired person with a visual processing disorder (VPD). The four different mechanism will be evaluated to identify which one provides the most benefit in terms of operability in relation to the level of disability of the householder; cost and practicality to enable the different interventions to be made available to all. Everyone participating will be assessed by a specialist in Visual Processing to determine which technology is most likely to be effective and any other support that they might need. Advice on energy saving and management will also be given, specifically addressed towards those who have visual impairments and any participants who are eligible for works under Eco (which is likely to be all those taking part as they are classed as Vulnerable with a disability) but have not had any work carried out, will have it made accessible to them, maximising the opportunity to enhance the benefits and show what is possible if the correct interventions take place.

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